75 years
and counting

We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter with the unwavering support of our partners and our team of over 500 Gutor Experts across the globe.

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Power you can rely on,
expertise you can trust

Our independent identity marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. We look forward to powering a sustainable future and exploring new directions that push innovation.

Gutor remains committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering the same high-quality solutions that have made us a leading brand in the critical power solutions industry.

A leading international manufacturer
of UPS Systems for industrial applications

Gutor Modular UPS
and chargers

A highly flexible and modular industrial – grade charger and uninterruptible power supply up to 15kW.

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Gutor Modular

Gutor – 75 Years of
proven experience

Following seven decades of impressive growth, the future of Gutor is firmly entrenched with a solid portfolio of milestones and achievements that can only lead to more.