Gutor: 75 years
and counting

After 75 years of operations, we are thrilled to have the unwavering support of our partners and our team of more than 500 Gutor experts around the globe.

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Power you can rely on,
expertise you can trust

At Gutor, our history is the guarantee of our dependability, while our future promises innovation, sustainability, and growth.

You can rely on our famously high standards and in-depth international expertise to continue to provide exceptional customer service and deliver the first-class, fail-safe solutions that have made us a leading brand in the critical power solutions industry.

A leading international manufacturer
of UPS Systems for industrial applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Grid
  • Nuclear

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas is a vital and rigorously demanding sector, which requires business continuity in harsh environments in remote areas, where it is a challenge to maintain high-quality electrical power – but downtime can cost millions of dollars an hour - Read on how we can help mitigate downtime while increasing profitability.

Power & Grid

Our reliable and innovative technology provides backup power during grid failure, when even a few seconds of disruption can have catastrophic consequences - read how we can help with our class leading UPS systems.


The nuclear industry is a supremely demanding market – and rightly so. Technical specifications, quality assurance, documentation, and equipment must all meet the highest standards for performance and reliability - read how our expertise is showcased through custom-engineered power modules, each designed to resonate with the unique needs of our customers while upholding the rigorous standards of the industry.

Gutor Modular UPS
and chargers

A highly flexible and modular industrial – grade charger and uninterruptible power supply up to 15kW.

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Gutor Modular

Gutor – 75 Years of
proven experience

Following seven decades of impressive growth, the future of Gutor is firmly entrenched with a solid portfolio of milestones and achievements that can only lead to more.