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Gutor Products

  • Gutor Modular
    A highly flexible and modular industrial-grade charger and UPS up to 15kW
    The Gutor Modular solution offers charger, rectifier, inverter, DC converter or a combination of all options. Designed for long lifetime, even in harsh environments, it optimizes your total cost of ownership by integrating power conversion, backup time & output power protection.
  • Gutor PxW
    Highly customizable double-conversion UPS systems
    The Gutor PxW is successfully tested under extreme environmental conditions as well as under seismic conditions.
  • Gutor WxW
    Highly customizable inverter systems
    The Gutor WxW are built on the same platform as our flagship Gutor PxW. They work properly under the harshest conditions met in oil and gas.
  • Gutor SDC
    Highly customizable DC output UPS systems
    With its broad range of possible DC voltages, the SDC is very flexible and can meet specific requirements and a wide range of autonomy times. Similar to the other products built on the xxW platform (PxW and WxW), the SDC will withstand the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Gutor PXP
    Market’s first true industrial AC UPS with PFC rectifier
    5-160 kVA high performance, compact 3 phase and single phase UPS power protection for heavy industrial applications and harsh environments.
  • Gutor Battery Management System
    Industrial battery management system
    Gutor Battery Management System (G.BMS) is a solution for balancing the charge of each battery block and continuously monitors the voltage, impedance, temperature and as an option the electrolyte level.